Inheritance tax is not for party members

The Labour Party is forever banging on about the evils of tax avoidance. Sheer humbug. What have we learned today with revelations about the last will and testament of Anthony Wedgwood Benn MP, prominent socialist intellectual?

When his wife died in 2000 the great socialist transferred part ownership of his house to his four children. He also owned an ancestral home in Essex which he had been placed in a trust. Both classic tax avoidance schemes.So the nominal figure left to his children in his will was around £5 million. Without the avoidance planning it would have been much more, as would the death duties.

And why not! It’s only right that his children benefit from their parents. But why try to stop other people doing what is right for their kids?

“Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the guy behind the tree.”

Inheritance tax is not for party members, but only for Tories.

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