‘How to’ become a business guru? (The pitfalls of public speaking)

After twenty-five very successful years on the international lecture circuit, Professor Angell shares with the audience some of his observations and experiences of public speaking. He tells of the real gurus he has shared a stage with, as well as his self-observation of his own actions, motives and shortcomings.

Angell stresses that there is no ‘how to’ list of procedures in becoming a guru. He can say this with certainty from what he has seen of the many successful gurus and celebrities he has met over the years: the many he’s liked (P.J. O’Rourke, George Soros, Kjell Nordstrom the Karaoke Capitalist, David Starkey, Justin Champion, Carol Vorderman), and the few he’s loathed (it’s best to keep their names for the talk).

He is adamant that there is no one generic right way – you must each discover the unique way that is right for you – the way you find most comfortable. To help, Angell goes through a list of questions that you must ask yourselves. Depending on your answers, you and you alone, must decide on the mask you intend to show to your potential audiences, and whether it really is for you.

There are, however, certain universals and tricks of the trade, that you must come to grips with, and Angell guides you along that tricky path.