The Flight of the Golden Geese

Professor Angell sets out his warning to the unsuspecting and thus unprotected High Net-worth Individuals that governments are about to “squeeze them until their pips squeak”.

          Let me tell you how it will be
          There’s one for you nineteen for me
          Should five percent appear too small
          Be thankful I don’t take it all
          ‘Cos I’m the taxman. Yeah I’m the taxman
   (from Taxman by the Beatles)

Following the chaotic period of the credit crunch Western governments have run out of money, and there is only one place they can go to refill the coffers – the taxpayer. The authorities have already set up ‘High Net Worth Units’, whose sole job is to target anyone and everyone with money but no political protection.

All taxation is theft. This talk is a preview of his forthcoming book The New Barbarian Manifesto: Flight of the Golden Geese, where Angell gives his advice on how to respond to the coming onslaught.