Old Sample Talks

Nightmare on the Net

According to a recent Philips advertisement their “technology makes everything simple.” Bunkum! Even if the functionality of the technology is simple, it becomes highly complex the moment people get involved. (more…)

The Cat and the Consultant – an after-dinner talk

Professor Angell gives a somewhat light-hearted after-dinner speech lasting between 20 and 30 minutes, in which he talks about his cat Oscar. Oscar is a very special cat who can talk, and just happens to work as a management consultant. This gives Angell a thinly disguised excuse for stringing together a sequence of barbed cat and consultant jokes. After all, cats are God’s way of showing us that not everything has a function – including consultants. (more…)

Winning the argument

This is the second of Professor Angell’s presentations on rhetoric … the art of winning a public debate. The ideas are principally those of Schopenhauer and Aristotle, flavoured with what Angell has gleaned from his experience¬†of debates and question and answer (Q&A) sessions that are a regular part of the international lecture circuit. He will discuss the various¬†universals and tricks of the trade that he has found personally useful. (more…)

‘How to’ become a business guru? (The pitfalls of public speaking)

After twenty-five very successful years on the international lecture circuit, Professor Angell shares with the audience some of his observations and experiences of public speaking. He tells of the real gurus he has shared a stage with, as well as his self-observation of his own actions, motives and shortcomings. (more…)