Dominica: destination of choice

Dominica: the destination of choice for many Golden Geese. So says a recent BBC online news article.

Surely not? A quick check of the CIA Factbook will show it is an island 751 square kilometers in area, with a population of 73,449. I ask myself, ‘but would I want to live there?’

But then I imagined my co-author David’s response ringing in my ears. ‘Because of all the islands in the Caribbean, its price for selling a passport is still the lowest. You can buy citizenship there for around $100,000 dollars, after being interviewed by a government committee. And who mentioned anything about living there?’

‘Remember it’s only a passport … merely a travel document. Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth, and so passport holders have special privileges in the UK. They can also travel to around 50 countries without a visa. It’s estimated that some 3000 Golden Geese have already made the flight there.’

Enough said.

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